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In specific, don’t go near the Nagorno-Karabakh region, which is a disputed area where armed conflict is widespread. There are land mines in these areas as nicely, one other good reason to steer clear. He has won 5 elections with round 80% of the vote, but there’s loads of evidence that he and his New Azerbaijan Party are liable for widespread corruption and a scarcity of democratic process, together with jailing people who have criticized the household or the federal government. Stay conscious of your belongings – Petty theft and pickpocketing are uncommon here as the government punishes thieves quite harshly. Nevertheless, petty theft does occur every so often in busy outside markets in Azerbaijan, in addition to on the Baku metro and different public transport. Be extra aware of your belongings if you’re in crowded locations and don’t flaunt anything expensive.

The government identified 450 youngsters and 207 dad and mom “involved in begging for the purpose of helping their dad and mom,” nevertheless it identified no compelled begging victims and returned youngsters to their mother and father with out investigating the function of the household within the children’s exploitation. These penalties have been sufficiently stringent and, with respect to sex trafficking, commensurate with these prescribed for different critical crimes, such as rape. Law enforcement investigated 28 instances with 34 suspects ; 26 had been for intercourse trafficking and two for compelled labor . Courts convicted 23 traffickers , including 21 for intercourse trafficking and two for pressured labor . One trafficker acquired eight years’ imprisonment and one other received 4 years’ imprisonment.

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Many of the NGOs, together with women’s NGOs, are fashioned around a strong particular person quite than a imaginative and prescient, program, and plan of motion. Personality and ego friction typically restrict the potential for solidarity, collaboration, and coalition building.

Despite progress bettering charges of highschool commencement, Azerbaijan has but to see comparable success in college commencement rates. The authorities recognizes the challenge of implementing gender insurance policies and is open to cooperating with civil society and worldwide organizations, stated Hijran Huseynova, Chairwoman of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs. The working groups also instructed a short lived quota system as a means of increasing women’s representation on authorities constructions and state agencies. A third group of suggestions was aimed at rising public consciousness of gender issues, as an example via intensive training for social workers who work together with victims of home violence and by explaining the negative consequences of gender-primarily based violence in school textbooks. Further recommendations known as for increased monitoring, evaluation and analysis on gender points such as women’s illustration in state bodies and Azerbaijan’s compliance with international requirements for gender equality. Counterpart’s project also aims to improve the status of girls in Azerbaijan by advancing their affect in choice-making processes, supporting civil society organizations that focus on points essential to women, and elevating public consciousness of those issues.

The Coalition For Women In Journalism is concerned about the violations of the freedom of the press in Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani government should shield journalists towards blatant threats and investigate social media assaults, whereas Facebook administrators should ban those provocative accounts. The authorities probably penalized victims for unlawful acts traffickers compelled them to commit. Experts reported authorities might have penalized intercourse trafficking victims with administrative fines for prostitution due to inadequate identification. Similarly, a global group referred overseas migrant employees who displayed indicators of trafficking, however ATD didn’t recognize any as a victim and some were subsequently deported. Authorities didn’t use legally stipulated victim-witness protection measures for trafficking victims.

Azerbaijan’s labor drive has 21 years of experience, on average, which suggests a center-aged workforce. The employment rate is larger among men than women, despite the fact that female staff have half a 12 months more education than men, and two extra years of experience. While the earnings advantage of secondary education is minimal, those with larger education earn 1.4 instances greater than those with main education. by two percentage points, at eight.3 p.c, compared to 6.2 percent for men. Private returns to tertiary schooling are also higher for women, at 11 p.c, compared to 9 percent for men. We discovered that, for the working population, the level of education is excessive – at thirteen years of education, on common. Among those surveyed, sixty nine % had completed high school, while 20 percent had completed greater schooling.

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To combat this violence towards women, activists have labored to first change the attitudes of both men and women who historically see home violence and rape as just a part of gender relations. In phrases of years of education and levels of education completed, Azerbaijan is a extremely educated country. However, the quality of schooling and scholar studying outcomes are underperforming. This suggests the necessity to look more carefully on the financing of upper training, particularly. Attending tertiary education in a public institution here leads to two completely different returns to investment in education estimates, relying on whether or not the scholar paid tuition or not. For these students who pay tuition, the rate of return to funding in education is almost 50 p.c decrease than for these students who obtain a scholarship.

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In 2018, overall public schooling spending accounted for simply 3 percent of GDP. And, of the whole training budget, only 10 % went towards tertiary training.

However, 20 traffickers obtained suspended sentences and authorities postponed one trafficker’s sentence, in comparison with three traffickers receiving jail sentences between one to five years and 26 traffickers receiving sentences between five to 10 years in 2017. Some of the bigger points these women are combating towards are home violence and access azerbaijan girl to reproductive healthcare for women. About 74.2 % of husbands beat their wives, and on common, women report only 44 rapes nationally per 12 months though estimates have determined that there are numerous extra that go unreported due to societal condemnations of victims of rape.

Green thanked the organizers of the first annual Women’s Leadership Conference, held Nov. 27 and 28, for bringing together numerous stakeholders who had been involved about women’s rights and dedicated to shifting the issue ahead. “Empowering women, empowering over 50 p.c of the population, is among the most important initiatives we can undertake to promote sustainable development,” said Michael Greene, the U.S. More than one hundred authorities leaders, community activists and donors assembled in Baku, Azerbaijan, to create an action-oriented agenda for forwarding women’s advancement and political involvement. In general, Azerbaijan is safe for all individuals touring solo, however some women have reported incidents of unwanted male attention while walking alone and taking taxis. If going out at evening, be sure to have someone to accompany you just to be safe. Don’t go close to or discuss Armenia – Avoid the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, the place sporadic armed clashes nonetheless happen.

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GRETA and different international organizations reported prosecutors believed such measures have been pointless for trafficking victims and famous the shortage of licensed attorneys offering legal help to victims because of low pay. Children testified and not using a child psychologist or lawyer to communicate authorized terminology in a child-pleasant method. The authorities officially identified 98 victims , together with 82 feminine victims of sex trafficking and 16 male victims of forced labor . The authorities didn’t identify any child victims in 2016, 2017, or 2018. GRETA and other observers reported minimal efforts to proactively identify Azerbaijani victims of inner trafficking, together with children. As a outcome, most officially recognized victims have been Azerbaijani victims recognized in vacation spot nations or in previous years, overseas victims exploited in Azerbaijan; officials recognized one Azerbaijani victim of inside trafficking in 2018 .

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Higher training establishments in Azerbaijan obtain per capita student funds, and a few universities getinfrastructure prices. The nominal value for tertiary education is calculated based mostly on the fact that 64 percent of students pay tuition, at 1,800manat(about $1,000), while the remaining 36 % are covered by a public subsidy, or 1,700manat.